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Something is off right?


Watching the new John Mayer song at the 34s mark his hand positions are totally different from 35s. It looks like they spliced two takes together where he had it hands resting in different spots. Seems way to fast for him to throw it hand back up the neck when he just moved it down.


Anyways, anyone else listening to the record? I'm not super impressed. Maybe after a few more listens I'll find something in it but this one feels largely like a miss to me.

Yeah, definitely multiple cuts.  I'm not a fan in general of his music so... nah, haven't heard it.

I'm a huge Mayer fan (I guess it's a guitar player thing?). New album is kind of what I'd expect from him at this stage. We're not going to get another Continuum. It's radio friendly and it's his way of having fun with an 80s theme.

I like the acoustic "It shouldn't matter but it does". I really dislike the synth on "Last Train Home", but the acoustic version he posted on YouTube is much better. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtDhSX_77fg)

My favorite on the album so far is Til The Right One Come. I think it's actually pretty good lyrically, and other than the odd acoustic breakdown in the solo it's alright.

My favourite solo off the album is the outro from I guess I just feels like (even though the single was released like 2 years ago).



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