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The wife and I are looking to do some redesign of the landscape and I thought it might be nice to use some design software.  Anyone use one they'd recommend?

I didn't even know there was software for this.  If there is, I'd love to know about it.

Oh, there is a wide range of software from ammeter to pro.  Looks like a lot of it is simplified (or purposed filled) CAD.

Pay serious attention to drainage above all.  Then anything that will grow into other things this means foliage, root system, or falling over.  Finally views/shadows throughout the day/year/years.  Another tidbit is to plant things that thrive in your area without constant tending and that have a practical use if possible.  For materials go to a supplier that specializes not a garbage supplier like Lowe's or HD.  Materials are far more durable that way. 

Neat fact.  If you purchase say a kitchen faucet from Lowes and the like and the same from an actual plumbing supply you receive different products on the inside. 


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