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Now that I'm finally building a proper gaming PC, I'm going to be building a racing sim rig too, cause I have no kids and an amazing wife.

Pretty sure I'm going with one of these for the rig (Trak Racer TR-80):

I have a Logitech G29 for now and will probably upgrade later. Going to use my 34" ultrawide for the screen so it should be pretty immersive.

I've been playing off my desk to try stuff out and it turns out I'm terrible at rally driving, but having the steering wheel is super fun. I was never really the FPS gamer on console or PC so this seems to line up well with my racing and city building genres.

I think I'll even dual boot Windows again since some of the games aren't great with Linux and Steam. (cringe)

I've been thinking about getting a racing wheel... it would be a dream to have a whole rig.  I'm jealous!  I'm a big NFS fan but what I really want it for is Farming Simulator but I'm not sure how that would work with all the other controls.  I currently use an Xbox Elite controller and I'm really comfortable with it, even for other driving games. 

I've tried rally games and realized I hate them.  What racing games to do you play and what city building do you play?

I'm still figuring out which sim I'm going to race with but I've got Assetto Corsa, Project Cars I & II, Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, and F1 2017. I've been sticking to older classic titles since I still don't have a GPU yet. I used to play Gran Turismo and NFS a lot on my PS1 and PS2 back in the day. Lately it's been Mario Kart on the 2DS.

City Builders are mainly Cities Skylines (huge time sink). But I also have quite a bit of time in on Dorf Romantik lately and Kingdoms and Castles. I've been messing around with Islanders a little bit too but Dorf seems to be the one I play most lately. Kingdoms and Castles is kind of fun, but I think I need to move to hard mode since I just spend way too much time building giant island sized forts. I have Surviving Mars too but haven't played it yet.

I've never even heard of some of the racing games.  I've played Dirt Rally and Dirt... 3?  Definitely planed GT and NFS (most of the games in the series). 

I have Cities Skylines but have only ever really built 2 cities.  I haven't been in the mood for that type of game in a while.  Haven't even heard of Dorf or Kingdoms and Castles.  Will have to check those out.  Thanks for the ideas!

New PC put together with the GPU. Not too shabby. The Dan Case A4 is great but you still need to do things in a certain order to make the process smooth and I had to undo a few things that I got ahead of on to get things to fit. But it boots so I'll be tossing the OSs on it tonight and testing it out. Should be good for a few years.


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