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Well, we had an anticipation thread....but no actual viewing thread. Has anyone other than me see it? I saw it last Friday, and really enjoyed it. Just like the comic book, when it came out, it was quite onorthodox in the way it was shot and all. The scenes looked like frames from a comic book with over exagurated effects (i.e. wind blowing on the dock). The story with Willis was probably the weakest one; I really, really liked the one with Goldie!

I don't have too much time to write a lengthy review, so I'll just add one more thing: this is the first time EVER I've been carded ata  movie theater.

overal:: 9/10

I saw it with my girl on Wed. Liked it a lot.


--- Quote from: axon ---this is the first time EVER I've been carded ata  movie theater.

--- End quote ---

Beer carded or rated R carded?

beer at a movie theater??? I need to move there.

Thats what I was thinking when you said that.  "OMG BEER AT A MOVIE THEATER"!!!!

Almost as bad as beer at Chucky Cheese


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