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I agree.  I was part of the selection and interview process, but in the end, it was my boss's call. I specifically green-lighted 2 or 3 candidates who I really like - they were a bit wet behind the ears too, but had great examples of projects they had built on their own by learning on their own.  They clearly had the drive and passion for the type of work. But those choices were over looked for whatever reason  :dunno: and we went with this dope.

God that sucks.  Has the hiring manager been a dev?


--- Quote from: ober on May 14, 2020, 09:49:29 AM ---God that sucks.  Has the hiring manager been a dev?

--- End quote ---

No -- well, maybe in college 30 years ago -- but he's been in tech management for the past couple decades after leaving the military.

That's half your problem.  People that have never professionally programmed do not know what to look for in a good developer.  They're often terrible interviewers as well.


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