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Monitoring my hydroponics

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HA!  I have enough old school supplies to keep me in business personally for decades to come.  Heck. I really don't solder much anymore and it is a skill that needs practice.

Well, then maybe I'll send you the PCBs for soldering once I get them printed ;)

So, going through a heat wave right now.  And every time I add water it raises the pH (while water is neutral pH I have a feeling my water might be a bit basic [/snap]) so it has been a struggle to keep the pH where I want it.  But, it also reduces the water temperature which is good.

Getting a lot of water loss from my tomato box now.  The water is being sprayed on the lid and traveling along it to drip out.  Getting an air pump and air stone and going to replace the pump with that.

One the PCB front I'm debating whether to get the current board printed or go to version 2.

Looking to put another EZO port on there so I can either hook up a second pH probe or a different type of probe.  And going surface mount for some things.

What else would you like to add?


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