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I've been looking for a good travel guitar. Something small and good for camping, cottages, and taking to friends' back-yard fire pit parties.

I had pretty much decided on a Taylor GS Mini since I love Taylor guitars and the GS mini sounds amazing for its size. But I've discovered a few interesting alternatives lately.

One is the KLOS full carbon travel guitar. It's pretty much indestructible, can handle any temperature, humidity, dryness, etc... And the neck is detachable for compact travelling. Pretty cool.

Then I came across the Lava Me 2 composite carbon fibre guitar. It's injection molded, so it's basically plastic with bits of carbon fibre that they claim help it hold up to heat and humidity. The really cool part of this guitar is that it has onboard acoustic effects. You can get reverb, delay, and chorus without an amp. It has a built in unit that vibrates the back of the guitar.

I have an old Go guitar. They don't make them anymore AFAIK but it was a nice little travel guitar. I don't think I've played it for years though at this point. I have a walnut grande with the gig bag.


Nice, I love their website :D

I've added the Martin DJR-10 to my list and I'm leaning towards that as the winner. Even though a detachable neck and tiny body are appealing for a travel guitar, my intended use is less about hopping on planes and more about camping / cottage trips. So I'd rather a better sound even if it's a little less portable. That puts the Taylor GS Mini and Martin up front, and since I already have a Taylor I'm leaning towards the Martin. It sounds great in the demos I've seen, still have to try one in person.

I also came across Journey Instruments which has a cool "quick snap" detachable neck (vs. the 4 screws in the KLOS). Even comes with a TSA certified carry-on bag. Cool product if you're flying a lot.

If you'll be outside a lot and in changing weather, my preference would go to a carbon fiber or other composite material body. Humidity changes will mess with any wood guitar.


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