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I think I mentioned in another thread that my GF and I have been watching this ABC show on Hulu.  We've watched through S2 Episode 8 together but tonight I watched the next episode without her.  What a freaking great show.  If you're not familiar with it, its an ensemble-cast drama that follows a close-knit group of friends, their spouses and kids. Episode one starts with the death of the common friend who had brought them all together (played by Ron Livingston from Office Space...he has several flashback cameos throughout the first season) -- and the plot revolves around how the characters grieve with his loss but quickly find out that, although they are all close, the all have their own problems and secrets that come to life, ironically with the suicide of their mutual friend.

Major themes of the show include handling depression and suicide as well has working through broken and confusing marriages and personal relationships.  Anyway, its one of those shows with a story-arc that leaves you with a cliffhanger each episode and is entirely bingeworthy.

this is a scene from the episode I just watched.  Out of context maybe it not that impressive, but having watched so much of this show over the last month or so I can tell you, I was on the edge of my seat and nearly in tears.

so...like... someone needs to reply to this thread and say they're watching this show.  There is like, SO MUCH I want to talk about.
I keep identifying with like so many different characters...sometimes is Gary, who selflessly keeps the group together but then falls back on his wayward self-destructive personal behaviors...and sometimes I feel like Ronan who understands he is fighting against depression.  Or PJ who is just feeling the oppression of life for the first time... or Ron who, hid his grief and sadness for so long and then up and threw away everything and no one knew why.  Or Maggie and her need to understand who she is when she is not defined by her own mortality.  Or Sophie, who can't understand why the adults in this world fuck everything else up for everyone else.  I mean, the whole show is a soap opera but I am so engrossed in it and it gives me ALL the feels. 

1) I wondered what happened to Carl
2) Why does shit like this make me so emotional?  Ever since I had kids I can't not get emotional about this type of stuff.
3) I don't watch the show, so that's about the extent of my involvement here lol


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