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Green Egg


New house came with a Green Egg grill - and boy, what an awesome way to prepare great tasting food. Once it has heat, it holds it extremely well. I thought that controlling it will be tough, but on the contrary, it is quite easy to maintain a steady temp only with air flow. I've used it a few times now, and once I get the initial charcoal going, I did not have to add more for the duration of the cook. Leg of lamb for Easter came out sooooo good. So did pork ham. And yesterday I grilled a venison roast....mmmmmm

If you enjoy a looooooong grill/smoke, the green egg is definitely worth the money.

 :woot: nice!
those are great. I've never used one but I've heard amazing things.  My GF's company sells them at most locations and they are wicked expensive.


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