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I would just like to announce that I'm going to see Paul Van Dyk this saturday  :040: Many of you probably don't know who he is, except maybe Stealth and Maes :) I hope it will be a good show, as the tickets are kind-of pricey - $39 plus it is an 18+ show; but PVD always puts on a good performance

Dude, I'm so fucking jealous right now.  Damn you! :D

Hey stealthy, why don't you come out? the flight wont be that long. hehehe  :p

A Bit of Fruit:
Alice Cooper is playing in Sydney very soon and I wanna go but the bastard is charging $130AU for regular tickets!

heh... didn't know there was such a demand for alice cooper. my brother told me that one of his bosses paid $900 for some cream concert ticket since it was supposed to be a 'once in a lifetime' thing. i wouldn't go myself (or i'd sneak in) but it's all up to you in the end... do you like alice cooper?


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