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Jedi Fallen Order


Picked this up last week when it was on sale and its good.  Very story driven but with some free explorations.  Designed for you to keep going back to areas as you gain new skills/abilities and thus unlock new areas.  Lots of puzzle challenges that can be a bit frustrating but the jumping ones restart you close you don't have to backtrack too far.

My son played that game non-stop for MONTHS.  I haven't played it myself but it looked decent when I watched him.

Was a little disappointed that the main story was only 20 hours.  I didn't try to find every chest and secret but I got a majority of them.  Gotta do a New Game+ and try to get them all.

That said, the scene with Vader with the tactical guide entry of "Escape is the only chance of survival." was pretty cool.

He spent a lot of time going back through and finding stuff/replaying missions.  He was pretty sad the main story was so short too.


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