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Gaming mice recommendation?



I love my G9X but I've had it for at least a decade and I think it's time to upgrade plus it's getting a little grimy and it's hard to clean. I think I'm looking for more of a palm grip but obviously the G9X isn't one so I'm not sure. I have big hands (8x4 inches, roughly) so I'm looking for comfort. Random extra info/requirements:

Would prefer wired but open to wireless if latency is less of a thing these days

I don't care about tons of buttons. Rarely use the ones I have.

Don't care about lights but wouldn't turn them away

Doesn't have to be super high DPI but it obviously doesn't hurt

I play some FPS, Red Dead Redemption, Simulators (that's mostly with a controller though)

Budget isn't a major concern... willing to spend up to $200 USD if it's worth it

I looked at the Razer series and without further input, am leaning towards a Deathadder or Viper? I don't know. Too many choices.

I just realized that the font was all jacked up on that post.  Either way, I went with a Razer Basilik V3.  I was initially scared of wireless but I'm actually looking forward to it after reading some reviews.


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