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Or The Thread O Shame.

This is a thread for us to move posts that would previously been deleted into.

That way we can all point and laugh at the OP, which is far more fun.

Now, let's see who gets there first, shall we children?

*Glares menacingly*

i think we are doing to much, the decendants of the morons, who thought
it was a good idea to build such large cities, next to such a error prone
region and those who decided it wa sa good idea to live in them, i could say
this about many more cities such as LA ( san andreas fault), should fix
there problem themselves.  im not totally opposed to outside help, but i dont
thnink to many people should risk thier lives and finacial resources to help
these people. when most of us have our own problems.

im in no way against people helping out there by there own free will,
but i dont think the government should be using my money, or anyone
else money to help these people. If they go past the amount of money
these people haev contributed then id call it a stopping line.

does it really matter which one, there groups there,
everybody in one of them, some switch between them,
and some start there own with different rules.

turn the gas on in your house kermit and light a match then send me back the pictures. thanks.

EDIT by ober: This was in response to kermi's thread about going back to New Orleans:

You're a fucking idiot ILV.

I love lsd!

Edit by Rob. Do I need to say more?


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