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OMG you guys!

contrast with the just announced Call of Duty trailer which has taken the franchise way to far into the future it might as well be halo.

last check, it's got about 1.2 million dislikes!


I was one of the 'dislikers' on the COD video.  That shit is a joke.  On the flipside... I am tentatively looking forward to BF1.  I almost exclusively play games in the BF series (ask Knuck).  BF4 is amazing and we're approaching 3 years in on the game and it's still VERY strong in terms of numbers of people playing actively.

I like the modern 'current day' shooters so I'm curious to see how BF1 turns out.  It looks damn good though.  As one person put it... 'motherfucking tactical shovel... HELL YES!'.  :)

Wait.. BF1 is coming out after BF4?

I really used to like the Day if Defeat (DoD) CS mod back in the day. It was also a WW1 theme. BF1 looks pretty cool. If I had a home computer, and if that computer ran windows, and then if I found time to play a game, i'd totally check it out...


--- Quote from: Mike on May 09, 2016, 10:57:56 AM ---Wait.. BF1 is coming out after BF4?

--- End quote ---
Yes.... because it's WWI... I know, it's strange.  Not sure what they'll do for the next in the series?


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