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Ceramic coating

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Right.  Sure they did.  Bet they are bullshitting you or at the very least didn't prep the paint.  NO WAY do I trust the dealership for this.  I can't tell you the number of dealership folks I have talked to over the years over their multi-year coatings, lifetime protection, etc.  Almost all are BS.  I can think of one.  One that actually works with customers to coat the car after sale or as a service from the dealership.  They are separate entities but close physically.  Find a detailer in your area and have them do it. 

Also if you are going to coat a vehicle, the coating kit is always enough for two to three full coats.  After opening, it goes bad in short order and cannot be used again.  Applying the coating is the fast and easy part.  One coat.  Total bull. 

Is this a new vehicle?

Yes, new vehicle. I can tell you one thing, I washed it last week and I've never had a car that looked as clean as this one did after the wash.

Get a polisher and the accessories and do your own.  It is way easier from new.  I can walk you through the stuff.  You got out of FB right?

C'mon man you can do it!

I did get out of FB - only have a page for my smoked meats "business". As for the ceramic coating - I think that will be a late fall project when things slow down for us a bit :)


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