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Free wood chip delivery service

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Ah, interesting.  Good to know and thanks for sharing!  I might look into this!

So, some lessons learned:

1. Don't dump it on the grass or even near it.  I had them back up too far and a little more than half was on the lawn.  Fine for most of it but as I got to the bottom the fork really caught on the grass making it hard.  I'm gonna guess we'll have wood chips in that area of the lawn for a few years.

2. Use a fork rather than a shovel.  The stuff is pretty dense and a shovel can be hard to get in it.  I tried using a shovel to take it out of the cart and spread it but the fork worked much better.

3. Get a garden cart!  I moved most of it with the rubbermaid garden cart rather than a wheelbarrow.  It is a lot lighter so less energy spent moving it around.  And it is more stable having two wheels.  That said, if I needed to put a load towards the back or go over obstacles the wheelbarrow worked better.

4. The top layer doesn't decompose as much as the inside layers.  So, if you have some areas that you want a finer more broken-down material then dig in a little and use the inside stuff.


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