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--- Quote from: Wemboe on December 31, 2014, 09:37:52 AM ---The martial arts gym I go to normally is re-opening within the week so there's that.

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Re    opening?

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Landlord would consistently not pay power, water and heat bills for the building when the store owner would give him the money. So when it started to get cold and they show up to open the store one day and the power won't turn on, the water isn't running and its as cold outside as it is inside, the owner calls up the landlord, yells a bit, then over the next 30 hours proceeds to move everything out of the gym and finds another location within a week. Weirdly enough, it took them 30 hours to take all the equipment out why the hell has it taken three months to move it back into somewhere?

 Commercial property leases are a bitch.  I imagine they'd need to have their insurance approve the place as well which also increases time.


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