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Doom3 - Resurrection of Evil (expansion pack)


Ken Fitlike:
I got my copy this morning and I've just installed and had a little run around in it. It doesn't seem to have quite the same scare-me-shitless atmospherics of the original but looks nice enough. There's a couple of new things to shoot and a couple of new weapons - the double-barrelled shotgun is apparently back but I've not found one yet. There's also a gravity gun or the Ionised Plasma Levitator aka the "Grabber" which can grab plasma as well as small objects and hurl them which is an improvement over the hl2 gravity gun (those things are all switched on to begin with so no waiting around like in hl2 for the woefully short end-game before being able to play around with its full potential). I thought at first it might make things too easy but I have been caught a couple of times trying to use the damn thing when a shotgun/real weapon would have actually done something. There's a new artifact, too - a thing like a beating heart - which seems cool enough in a horrible sort of way. I've only worked out one thing it does; maybe it does other stuff, just now I just don't know.

I may have more to write about it when I'm finished it.

Sounds interesting, especially the gravity gun part (the end of HL2 with the "advanced" gravity gun kicked ass, however short).  But I was so pissed off at Doom3 that I never even made it through the game.  Too dark and too stupid for me.

Ken Fitlike:
I turned up the gamma when playing Doom3. This Resurrection of Evil (RoE) expansion's not so dark nor quite as spooky but I've had to turn down the resolution to get acceptable performance in some places (lots of transparent doors and one rather amusing use of what I can only describe as an analagous technique that my machine struggles to render).

They seemed to have continued the super-turbo-turkey puncher 3 video games machine theme.

I found a shotgun, too. Slow as hell but truly and awesomely lethal at close quarters.

RoE's 'gravity gun' does the full rag doll stuff that hl2's did; I suppose it's just id taking hl2's only original and only good idea and demonstrating that for them (id) it's no technical biggie to implement. ;)

Lots of fun. Not as much fun as vBulletin3/entropysink, though - best game I've played in ages. ;) Now, is that sad or just very sad?


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