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Video Game Draft Tournament - Finals - Congrats Perspective

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--- Quote from: ethic on February 28, 2011, 09:04:27 PM ---i hated wolfenstein 3d. if perspective would have chosen
RTCW, then he may have had my vote.

Regrettably, I'm going to have to vote for the xbot

--- End quote ---

You know, I liked RTCW but I couldn't stand the head bob. It made me sick and it's the most unrealistic thing that seems to end up in every FPS. HEAD BOB IS NOT REALISTIC!!! Yes, your head moves up and down as you walk, however, your eyes move to compensate the head movement to keep the focal point steady. Try it at home, walk towards something focusing on an object. The object stays still, while things in your peripheral bob up and down. In order for a video game to properly simulate this, they would need to know exactly what on the screen you are looking at, and without eye tracking hardware they can't. SO STOP PUTTING HEAD BOB IN VIDEO GAMES!!!!

ahhh, that felt good. Oh yeah, vote for me!

Perspective.  I was going to vote for Gov but then I realized that I only like some of his games in theory.  I've actually played more of Perspective's choices.

Which of my games haven't you played in reality?  You should remedy that immediately.

I've never played SMB3, Tie Fighter, Fallout New Vegas (couldn't even get into Fallout 3), GTA IV (I played III), I've only played NBA Jam a handful of times, and I fucking hated Deus Ex.

> I've never played SMB3

I can see not liking DX but how on earth have you never played SMB3.  I think my mom has played that game, for chrissakes


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