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I had a quick discussion with Mike about this yesterday... but if anyone else hasn't upgraded to the latest beta release of Opera, I suggest it.  It fixes a lot of stuff and lets you use a lot of the latest Google software.

Now... Mike is going to tell you that a lot of the stuff got moved around, but I'm here to tell you that it's all there, they've just recreated the interface.

> It fixes a lot of stuff

Like what?  I didn't think 7.54 was all that busted.  I'm probably a version or 10 behind, but I didn't have a problem with that one.

Well... I guess I was mainly talking about the google stuff.  It does seem slightly faster too.  Definately loads quicker.

Opera 8 has been awesome in all of the betas, but the most recent one seems to have killed animated gifs for me (and no, I didn't uncheck the option). (EDIT: D'OH. It was The Proxomitron, not Opera.)

Ahhh... I'm finally back around people who appreciate Opera. :cool:


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