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I'm going to break in the new sports forum

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With this:

MSU is expected to fire their head football coach John L Smith this afternoon.  This was a long time coming, and I'm so damn happy it is.  Any coach that loses back to back homecoming games against Illinois and Northwestern, fails to defeat UM twice in a row in spit of having a foot on their throat, and blows this year's game against Notre Dame has no business coaching at MSU.  I'm pretty sure it was in the works before the laugher of a loss to Indiana last week, but that sure didn't help his chances at saving his sorry ass any.

This wasnt his first head coach position either, was it?

No, he's formerly been the head coach at Idaho and Louisville

I dont follow college too much, but i imagine if hes that bad now he was that bad (or close) then.

I was under the impression he was a halfway decent coach at Louisville, but all we've had at MSU is a wackjob who doesn't know how to finish games and seriously might be a little insane.


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