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Fitness megathread - discuss weight loss, fat loss, working out, etc here!

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so heres the dealio. I'm skinny, i pretty much always have been. I exercise a few times a week, ride a bike, etc. My diet isnt the best food in the world, but i do eat well and i watch what i eat. If i do eat something thats not so good for me, i dont eat alot and i compensate for it. I drink water, watch my salt intake, etc.

Yet i still have LOVE HANDLES. These damn things wont DIE. I'm now considering a fat burner type pill to help me burn them off during exercise. Thoughts?

What do you do for exercise?  Remember, fat is deposited where your body says it's going to be deposited, and no amount of working that area out is going to change that.  In fact, if you're working your obliques to get rid of love handles, your problem will just get worse as you build more muscle under the fat.

Really, the biggest key to losing stuff like that is going to be diet.  Those are usually the last things to go when you're losing weight, and you usually have to have pretty low body fat to get rid of them.

edit: Also I wouldn't use fat burners at all.  Gimmicky shit.

I start doing some lifting, pulls, shit like that on my wieghtbench to warm up. Then i go ride the bike around 3-5 miles depending on how my knee feels. After that i do some cardio, some exercise i got off the net designed for obliques, and some more lifting.

My diet isnt great, but i eat alot of steak, hamburger, pasta, and things like that. I quit drinking beer/alcohol for the most part. When i do drink i try not to drink alot. Since feb i have been drunk twice, and other than that i havent really drank. I have been trying to get rid of them for a long time now. I dont have much, but its there and i cant stand it.

> some exercise i got off the net designed for obliques

Working your obliques is not going to eliminate fat on the obliques.

When you say lifting, what are you doing?  Do you have a routine or do you just fart around and move weights?  When you say you do cardio after biking (which is cardio, but really only a warmup for the amount you're doing), what are you doing?

edit: How many calories do you eat in a day?

I read a blurb on getting rid of love handles a few years back.  Long story short it is nearly impossible.  To do it long term for most people isn't possible at all without serious health risk.  Stallone fought it for years.  Finally had them surgically removed for Rocky 4.


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