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OK, here's my rationale. If you "need" 32GB of RAM (for work), you probably should be doing that sort of work using cloud services. A few of the contracts I've worked on in the past allowed every developer their own sandboxed AWS/GCP environment so they could spin up all of their instances and stuff remotely. At some point your architecture is really too large and complicated to run on a single machine. Not to mention doing all of the containers or whatever in the cloud is way more flexible than running everything locally. Things like firewall issues and stuff was super easy to share your environment with other devs. There's an argument to be made about internet access but how often are developers without internet really?

Counter point: Not everyone is using cloud services.  And that shit can be expensive, much more so than the cost of the additional ram.

As for being without internet: Well, it occurred in my region just last week.  At least one of my developers was affected but was able to keep working since it was local.

I get your point hans - and we've actually tried using that.  We used Microsoft's 'dev spaces' which was supposed to be essentially what you're describing.  The teams hated it.  The features weren't there and the spin up time made it somewhat difficult to manage.  And I agree with Mike that the cost of using that infrastructure is far beyond the 16GB of RAM. We obviously have our environments (dev/QA/staging/prod) to support everything beyond the local development.


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