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So I mentioned this in another thread and realized I never said anything about this game.  I thought it would be silly which is why I never got into it before.  But I picked it up on a sale last year and I already have over 1000 hours in the game.  The farming part is interesting on it's own but I have some save games that are purely logging and others that are mining.  The whole game is just a giant sandbox and the mod community is SOOO strong!  It has a built-in mod area and they have probably 10+ new mods every day and that's not counting the tons of other sites producing quality mods in almost any flavor you want.  And the game came out in late 2018.  There's a new one coming in October/Nov too but I'll probably hold off on it until the mod community catches up.

Anyways, I really enjoy it because it's so low stress.  I'm used to playing fast paced games (Rocket League/FPS/etc.) so this is a totally different gaming experience.

Which one? I might have to try one of them out when they go on sale.

FS19 on PC in Steam.  https://store.steampowered.com/app/787860/Farming_Simulator_19/  It was on sale just last week.  And it goes on sale pretty regularly.


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