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Any of you guys use a paper tablet like remarkable to take notes? I have a notebook by the computer and take it with me when I go see clients - I just like writing things down with a pen. I tried my phone, and a traditional tablet, but it just wasn't for me. I think a paper tablet might work better - I just want to get a really good one. Any recommendations?

I've tried tons of options - OneNote, Evernote, Google Keep both on a laptop or tablet.  I've tried to write with my finger but it's kind of useless.  I've tried to write with a stylus but I don't love it.  I've heard of the paper tablets but never had a chance to try one.  If you check it out, let us know.  Then again, these days I'm always sitting at my desk and I keep notes in the above mentioned places digitally.

Years and years ago I was anxiously waiting for the NoteSlate to be released as they promised that it would feel more like writing on paper than on glass but it never materialized.

I'm with ya that I hate writing on a phone or tablet (even using a stylus) but it just isn't the same.  I think one issue, that is mostly mental, is that I like my electronic notes to be "clean" and complete whereas my paper notes tend to be scrawls that are intended to life for a short time before they transition to a more permanent home.  Or they are sketches and the like.  Something about knowing that pen and paper being low tech frees me up from trying to do more with them.

I like writing on paper too, but recently I got a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil II and it's crazy how fine the resolution is. It's still writing on smooth glass instead of paper but overall I'm still impressed with the experience. I'll use it to take notes in a meeting and sketch diagrams. I also use it as a virtual white board a lot in video calls. I use the Good Notes app which has a "laser pointer" feature so I can point and circle things on diagrams. Pricey but I like it.

My wife basically built her business drawing on an iPad with an apple pencil.  It's amazing the things she can do and the capabilities of the drawing apps.


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