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based on what I'm reading, this is the only alternative that compares well

there is also this: but way too big. they will be coming out with a smaller version in a few days though...

I ended up ordering the remarkable2 instead of waiting for Christmas - I am able to expense it for work, so that's cool.

So far, this freaking awesome. It is exactly what I imagined it would be - like writing on a kindle. It doesn't feel quite like paper, but it is damn close. there is no delay that I could notice. The thing is super slim but a little bit heavier than I would imagine. The cover is nice and magnetic. The pen is also magnetic, and I wonder how quickly I will use it when travelling - first glance I wish it has a more secure way to attach it to the device or the cover.

I'll update further as I get more time with it.

Ahh... I see what you did there.

so no joke, this thing is pretty amazing. Actually, I am shocked that this is not more popular. I am certain that this will replace all my notebooks - I had one for work, another for fishing stuff, another for furniture, another for poetry, etc etc - here I can have folders and different notebooks within them.

Here are a few awesome things I discovered:
1. cut and paste anything! like today, I was making dining room table plans and I started making dimension notes and then I wanted to add another drawing to get a good calculation and there was no room for it on an earlier page and having the drawing after the dimension notes would not flow - well, guess what, I  just moved the section with the dimensions so that I can fit another drawing! I love that!
2. save a page or entire notebook as a pdf! the picture I attached is from a pdf from the document I was working on - in a blink of an eye you have a pdf - no more scanning or taking pictures. awesomeness
2a. the highlighter feature on the tablet is a little useless, but comes through as yellow highlighter on the pdf
3. handwriting to text - at least with my nasty handwriting, so far it was pretty spot on!
4. there are many different page templates - grid, ruled, ruled with margins, check list, etc etc - I think there is like 30 different ones!

Really, this device is worth every penny! I am so happy I got it.

I also found the correct position for the pen - there are two magnets, and when in this position where both are used to attach the pen, it is attached pretty solidly.

I'm impressed.
Are you using the paid "connect" plan?  How functional is it without those paid extra features?  Is it easy to save files to port to another device..and/or back again?  Does it only export in PDF format or could you export, say, as a transparent PNG?  The screen share looks cool is it easy to use? does it require extra software or is it just a page in a browser...?  Is there like an online interface for accessing all your stuff?  Can you print from it?  So many questions.  But seriously interested in this.


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