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Headache / nausea with modern games

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So the last few games I've tried there has been a period of headache/nausea when I start playing them.  This last game (The Outer Worlds) I had to turn off head bob, widen the FOV, turn off chromatic aberration, and turn off motion blur.  I don't remember having to do all this stuff 10 years ago.  Back then it was just setting the graphics settings for quality and maybe playing with rendering for performance.

Anyone else getting old and having to do this?

Maybe something to do with the frame rate? Motion blur definitely drives me nuts though. I can't say I play enough action games to help, I'm most city builders and racing simulators.

Sometimes it does have to do with the frame rate, especially if there is tearing.  But generally I can keep a decent enough frame rate to avoid that.  Motion blur is definitely an issue.  It is like they forget that our eyes and brains are really good at keeping a still picture when turning your head.

Do you have a wide screen?  That can mess with you, especially if you recently moved to one.  I hate the motion blur in games.  It's so over-done.  I don't generally have an issue with it and I have an ultra-wide monitor (49").  Some of my games aren't built to support it which makes it worse.

I do have an ultrawide (your fault) and it did take a bit of time to get used to it but it has been almost a year now.

Cyberpunk didn't seem to cause me any problems (in fact it was AWESOME with the ultrawide). So, maybe it is just certain games that don't know how to use the features appropriately.


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