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Upgrading my PC for gaming.


I'm finally upgrading my PC for some proper gaming. I have a mini ITX 2400G system right now in an InWin Chopin tiny case. I just got a Dan Case A4 so I can add a GPU now (when I can find one) and then upgrade my CPU to something 8 core. Also finally ran a wire for LAN to my PC so I can take better advantage of my recent fiber upgrade. I'm at 800/800+ now on the speed tests. :)

I think I'm going to try and start hunting for an MSI RTX 3060 OC. Hoping that should hold me for enough time to make use of the ridiculous price it's probably going to be. I'm hoping the recent mining stuff makes them available for less than 2x the MSRP.

I upgraded in Jan and ended up getting a pre-built.  I think I posted the details in another thread.  I couldn't buy a GPU myself so had to rely on someone else to do it at a reasonable price.


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