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TWD - DD and other spinoffs


The last season of TWD was decent - but it did not compare to what it was in the past. There is a bunch of spin offs now, with the newest one bein Daryl Dixon. 4 episodes so far, and let me tell, it is pretty freagin great. When I heard that the plot is set in France, I was skeptical and apprehensive - but I'm glad I decided to see it anyway. So far the story is great. The TWD world is getting a little mystical. Acting is awesome. Reminds me of the first few seasons of the original, but more dark and gritty. If you haven't yet, you should give this one a shot.

the other one is Dead City - the story of Maggie and Negan. This one is OK. I watched all 6 episodes, but it is not as good. I like the actor playing Negan, he can act his ass off - but can't stand the actress playing Maggie. This spinoff is pretty dark and gory too - significantly more than the original TWD.

Have you guys been watching these?

I gave up on TWD a long time ago.  Tried one or 2 of the spinoffs and it wasn't the same. 


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