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So I recently went on vacation for a week with my in-laws down in FL and decided to buy a new camera for traveling with. Iíd been watching videos about street photography and stuff and come across the Ricoh GR III series cameras. They have a 28mm and 40mm (x) version and after watching lots of videos and looking at my preference in my Sony setup I opted for the 40mm GR IIIx.

What a great little travel camera. Itís an APS-C sensor and the images are really nice out of it. Itís super compact and fits in my pants pocket or hoodie easily and starts up super fast to grab some interesting shots just walking around. Itís definitely geared towards street photos since the auto focus in wide mode doesnít do nearly as well as modern stuff, but you can tap the focus point on the screen and itís fine, or use what they dub as Ďsnapí focus with a preset focus distance. While I am not great at judging distances for that, itís probably the best way to use this camera quickly.

For most stuff, I find 40mm to be pretty close to what Iím seeing, but I did notice that the FOV was a little bit more narrow due to how I ended up using the camera. While holding a camera up with a viewfinder is pretty close to 40mm I found myself holding this one a foot or so away to frame the shot using the screen which ends up cutting some of the FOV.

Itís kind of spendy so probably not a go-to for a general purpose camera, but if youíre into photography itís worth looking into, at least to know about.

Good to know.  I used to have a separate camera but our phones take 'good enough' pics now.

Wow, it is hard to believe there is still a digital camera market out there - but I guess it has shifted wildly and that is why the price is what it is because it is not geared towards the casual picture taker.

Show us some pictures!

the only time I use my Sony A6000 is when I need my long lens - and that is for the kiddos sporting events. Otherwise, it is all phone.


--- Quote from: ober on March 18, 2024, 11:41:07 AM ---Good to know.  I used to have a separate camera but our phones take 'good enough' pics now.

--- End quote ---

I still like my DSLR for particular types of photography. But for the rest, yeah I use the cell phone and am constantly surprised how good it is.


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