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Ok, for many reasons i have decided to swap my main HDD, and my secondary HDD. Heres my setup

Primary HDD 40GIG: Home to the operating system, downloads, nothing else really.

Secondary HDD, 20GIG: Home to 10G worth of Mp3's, porno, videos, etc.

I keep all my data except the dloads on the secondary to make formats easier and help prevent data loss. Well i cant jeep the dloads on it because its almost full. So the logical thing is to make the 20G a primary and put all the data on the bigger drive. I take on an addition 20-30 mp3s per day and that drive is the home target for my FTP so its getting full.

I have no third drive to hold the ~19G it needs too to swap the data too while i format them and do my thing. So i was thinking of making a folder on the 40G, moving the information over. Then physically swap the drives, install XP on the 20GIG. Then i would have to just delete the windows files from the 40G because i wont have room on the 20G anymore to move the files too in order to format the 40G.

Anyone got a better idea? I considered online storage but finding the space and actually uploading it would take forever. Thats ALOT of shit to upload, it takes long enough across IDE....

>>Anyone got a better idea?

hard disk space is cheap, you could get another 40GB for $30 - $40. Or spend a little more and get 100-200GB in the $80-$110 range and replace both drives with one. Separate your stuff from your OS with partitions and formatting and reinstalling is just as easy.

The reason im not doing partitions and such is i have no recourse if i loose the data, and i have alot of music at stake here. As for the HDD, i found a solution. I have a friends pc here for repair i have to format it anyway, so im going to wipe it and use it as thirs party. Thnx for the reply though : )

PS: i know space is cheap, but i dont have the cash to spend rite now...


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