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Time for another draft... this time: Music

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Do you guys want to do another draft?

If so, we're doing Music this time. The question is whether we want to draft albums, songs, or artists.

If we get a decent number of people saying yes to any of those subjects, then we'll run the one with the most votes. I'll be the tiebreaker since I'm the commish.

If you have questions on how any of those would be run, let me know here. Mostly they'll be run like the other drafts we have done.

yes. albums.

Artists.  Or Songs.  I think Albums is a horrible idea, no offense Jake.

I'm probably out if we do albums.


--- Quote from: ethic on February 09, 2012, 04:52:20 PM ---Or a single boob of a woman

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they have more than one?

... checks google....

well I'll be damned.


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