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We use Jira. Love/hate.

I'm on the hate side of JIRA.  I think it boxes you into a very specific way of working.  I've used 2 other ALMs (application lifecycle management) and they were both miles ahead of JIRA.  CodeBeamer was awesome but the company that I worked at wasn't agile so I can't speak to that side of the software but it gave us amazing traceability.  Azure DevOps is easily the best I have used.  Easy to configure, really well thought out.  You can give anyone in the company read-only access.  Plus it has repos, pipelines, code reviews, releases... really good dashboard capability.  It really helps our team stay on top of stuff.


--- Quote from: ober on May 13, 2020, 04:54:16 PM ---We use Azure DevOps as our general tool but our Project Management team uses (well, they are trying anyways).

--- End quote ---
Might have to look at Aha!.  Can you use Azure DevOps with Github?  I don't want to move away from that without an exceptional reason to do so.  And since MS owns GitHub I'm hoping they have some good integration.

Not a Jira fan either from my last 2 companies that used it...but I kind of miss it now that I'm somewhere without it it.  We're using now, but not very efficiently.

As far as the Jira roadmap boxing you in, it is configurable. I think a lot of organizations just don't put the dedicated resources into managing it.  The first place I used it was aweful because it was never really configured beyond the default settings.   The last company though had a PM who spent 50% of his time managing Jira, integrating other software, configuring workflows, etc. 

@Mike - yes, you can use Github easily.  We haven't migrated all of our github repos yet (but we're close) and they work just fine.  I will say that using the built-in repos make code reviews feel more integrated.  I think you'll find that there are just as many if not more reasons to use the repos in DevOps than not.  As for Aha!, if we didn't have a PM function we may just use Azure DevOps for the whole thing.  Aha is a little overblown for what we need but if you really need to capture all the info AROUND the actual development stuff, it's a good tool.  It can help your business align goals and priorities nicely as well.  PLUS it has an Azure DevOps integration (as well as JIRA I think).

I will say the more time you spend with JIRA the more you get out of it.  But other options provide all that WITHOUT spending the time.  JIRA is quickly becoming a plugin whore and leaving a lot of the development to the community while the core remains weak.  I'm tired of using tools that require me to go find all the bells and whistles to make it work well.


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