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new tool
« on: December 30, 2020, 04:32:46 PM »
we decided to replace all the doors and trim in the new house by ourselves. This was a good excuse for a new tool! Got this Dewalt Battery operated Brad Nailer and holy cow, it is freagin awesome. Sure beats lugging around an air compressor, hoses, and all! the battery lasts a long time and it drives two inch nails like a champ. It has not jammed on me yet. Even though it looks huge it is low weight. I have to say, this thing must be magic. Really, it makes this type of work a pleasure. 

So far we, cleaned, patched, and painted every single wall and ceiling on the main floor. All the doors except for the closet ones (still waiting on them) are installed and the trim is about 80% done. We also painted the master bedroom vanity, and that came out pretty good as well. Got a guy to refinish the floor in the kitchen and he is about done. Got rid of the big ass concrete sink and waiting on the stainless steel replacement. This was such a drag, because the cabinet was custom built to accommodate this custom sink. We did find a sink wide enough that will fit, but will still need to do some customer stuff for the faucet. I did end up "customizing" the cabinet even more by getting rid of 5 inches of length.

Lots and lots of work and a lot of long nights, but we are getting there. I suspect we will move in the first part of February. Still need to do a bunch of things in the basement.
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