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Yep, you guessed it, getting our first hive this year. Been wanting to get one since we had the cabin in Wisconsin, but believe it or not, bees need more attention than we could give them there only on the weekends. In the old house, our yard was tiny, so we couldn't do it there either. I hope this will turn into an awesome hobby. I ordered a classic model of the flow hive. People in my local bee keepers association have been raving about them for beginners.


Man... you're just getting into ALL the hobbies lately!


--- Quote from: ober on January 13, 2022, 12:36:57 AM ---Man... you're just getting into ALL the hobbies lately!

--- End quote ---

you don't know the half of it! :p

and we have our first honey! woohoo.

BTW, I ended up with 3 hives :D its been quite the journey so far - but so rewarding.

We were able to harvest 16 pounds of honey from this single hive.

That's a lot of honey!


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