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Got an ultrawide monitor!

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So I was going to buy my son a new monitor so he'd have a second one and I was shopping around and was looking at the ultrawide monitors.  I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted and they're pretty expensive.  But I was about halfway there on the monitor I was going to get my son and figured... why not?

The price is bouncing around a lot.  It was $760 when I bought it which is down from $1200 when it came out.  So far I'm digging it.  It's great for gaming and I'm still getting used to it for work.  I'm used to one horizontal and one vertical 27" monitor so the width is going to take some getting used to.

I used to have an ultra-wide (curved) monitor at my last job. I loved it. I found it to be a huge step up from two monitors as you can actually have your main work right in front of you with context on each side.

The only thing I disliked about it was screen sharing... you end up sharing a crazy wide resolution that doesn't fit other peoples windows.

Oh I haven't run into that yet but this is my first day using it for work (just got it on Saturday).  But I also typically only share single windows, not my screen.  I wonder if there is a way around it?

Oh that thing must be a beast. I have a 34" and it's substantial. I do love working on the ultrawide though.
I might get one of those for my racing sim though.

How well does windows support subdividing the screen?  I know in normal monitors it can do left, right, top, and bottom halves and quarters but for something like that I'd be looking at thirds.  Also video game support would be crucial.

> But I also typically only share single windows, not my screen
I often have to share a desktop (screen) to show dialogs, select options, etc that don't show up in tab or window shares.  Or if I'm moving between code and browser.


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