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So I have been meaning to look into this for a while.  Most of my computers have no issue but my wife's computer has iTunes with all of our music in that folder.  And to avoid messing up configuration of all of that and playlists and whatever, I wanted to sync that music folder but not move it into the main dropbox folder.  This morning I was fucking around with it and realized with windows 10 (and probably 8), you can create a symlink in the dropbox folder to the external folder. 

HOWEVER, Windows, being the fickle bitch that she is, doesn't sync changes immediately.  So if you put something in that external folder, the dropbox mechanism won't pick it up until you stop/resume the sync.  Once I realized that, it worked perfectly.  So now I have my solution.  Our music doesn't change that often and my wife restarts her computer often enough to give me a comfort level that everything will remain backed up (we don't buy new music that often).

Anyways, just thought I'd share in case anyone else has that situation.

On Mac the sim links work fine with drop box. But they do not work with Google drive in case you ever think of switching. I created hard looks to get around it but that can be dangerous.

Apparently Google drive will soon let you sync arbitrary folders, and not just things under the Google drive folder. Maybe drop box will follow suit.

I use google drive, looking forward to this arbitatrary folder sync you speak of.

my biggest pet peeve of google is that I have a boat load of backed up photos and videos in my drive account that I'd like to move to my account, which would be free and would save me like 30GB in my drive folder, but there's not way to move them without downloading them all to my PC first than re-uploading to photos.

Dropbox does seem to follow Google. The last time Google increased space, DB was right behind them.


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