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We got D+ as part of my wife's verizon plan. Started watching Mandalorian - 4 episodes in so far - it is good, but I wouldn't call it great. It's keeping me interested, but I don't see all the hoopla behind it? did the marketing just get to me? and other than that, I don't see anything that would make me actually pay for D+ 

Umm.... baby yoda?  I think the show itself and the premise is interesting.  It's certainly not ground breaking but my family text group is mostly baby yoda memes. 

Mostly dug it.  Yeah Obes.  A baby Yoda creature.  It isn't Yoda but it is a money grab.  Show has some weak points however I am looking forward to S2.

I liked it.  Baby Yoda is totes adorbs and it's cute how this big-bag-fighting-Mando guy becomes like his overly protective father.  I'll watch season 2 for sure.



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