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Title: beyond the streetlight
Post by: micah on July 09, 2019, 01:44:19 AM
The waxing half-moon is bright tonight in a clear cloudless sky as twilight settles into a deep blue. The fireflies, awakened by the summer eveningís cool breeze, briefly share their light over the now-shadowed grass which stands tall, awaiting the morningís dew.  Behind the streetlight, one can only imagine the starry heavens; clustered with the fruits of endless galaxies. Unfathomable brightness journeying incomprehensible distances for implausible eons, reduced to the faintest point of light and seen only by a lucky few. And there I stand, alone, listening to the chronic hum of the nearby interstate that masks the cricketís call and the whispered groan of gently swayed trees. If for just this hour I could see those collective suns that disrupt the void, and stare into the depths of infinity; then I could know Iíve seen serenity.  To drown myself in the entirety of endlessness for just one hour and touch tranquility.  But this fucking street light.