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movie grab bag
« on: May 06, 2006, 10:20:21 PM »
So over the past week I've stayed in motels for 4 nights and saw many/many movies. Not sure if I can recall all of them, but I'll try:

Stateside - good flick; I kinda missed the first part about what the main character did to make his priest permanently disabled in a wheelchair. Rachael Leigh Cook is in the movie as well and she plays a schizo girl. hawt. hawt. hawt. 8/10

Twisted - another decent movies as far as that kind go. Why is Samuel Jackson so damn cool? 6.7/10

Underworld Evolution - I had to pay for that one - but worth it. Not as cool as the first one though. The story isn't confusing, but there is a lot of it - especially the back-story. 8/10

Walking Tall - meh, watchable but very forgetable. That chick who plays Rock's girl is hawt. 5/10

11:14 - I've seen this before but not from the beginning. This movie would work better with the title "twisted" :) I really like movies with multiple angles and points of view...the story is not great, but the way it is told is awesome. Plus Rachael Leigh Cook again, screwing a guy in a plated school girl dress in a cemetery. Creepy hawt. 8/10

I know I've seen at least two more, but can't remember. Oh yeah, I also saw a lot of the NBA playoffs - some really great games. Too bad Da bulls lost :(

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