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the poll about windows7 games has me wonder what people play on their smartphones.

My wife used to do farmville a few years ago, then moved on to bejewled and for the past few months has been obsessed with candy crush.

I've never really played games on my phone, save for maybe a few hours of Angry Birds in its heyday.  Admittedly though, it gets pretty boring just surfing social media sites while lying on a kid's floor waiting for them to fall asleep.  Something I seem to spend several hours a week doing.

I was almost ready to try candy crush but couldn't bring myself to do it.  Instead I downloaded Glow Hockey which for a few days was pretty fun.  Then I thought, why not suck it up and try a real game.  I search around for something that didn't require micropayments (as long as you don't mind tediously working your way through the levels) and I found ARC Squadron: Redux which I have to admit is a lot of fun.

So what do you guys play?

Pretty much only games for work.  I dunno, I don't really care for the platform as a whole

I played "Dead Trigger" for a bit mostly out of curiosity about the phone's capabilities. It was pretty good. I tried angry birds too, it was fun for a while. I don't really play games on my phone in general though.

I usually skim the App store for the popular free games and try some of them out until I get bored and then rinse and repeat.

I have a couple tower defense games and Civ Rev.  That's about it.


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