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is this modern gaming?

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I had an itch to play some FPS last night around 8PM. I found the last game I purchased: COD MW3. I put in the disc, installation starts with the Steam engine. It installs, and then nothing else. The CD doesn't spin, the actual game is not installing. I launch Steam but it can't connect to server. bummer. I go on the website and download the newest stream engine. That works. I find my login through the game key. That part was cool. and hey I can download my game from Steam! also cool - but the fucker is like 15GB. Ef that, I'm installing from the CD. It starts...and then it quits. Let's try again. Starts. Quits. WTF?? Well, I then found out it starts from the CD but triggers the download from steam!!! I search in steam's help why this is happening - pretty simple solution, have to begin install manually from the CD via run. OK, whatever. So I install the game...by this time it is 11:30PM. But nope, can't play - need to install 14GB of updates...at ~2Mb DL speeds from steam. WTF!?! I went to sleep. My itch is gone. this fucking sucks that just to play a game you have to jump through all these hoops. bummer.  :suicide2:

Not too uncommon to install the game from steam.  Not even sure why they bother with the CD anymore.  It isn't so bad if you keep everything up to date and install ahead of time.  As to why:  You just said it, it was a 14G download.  Not putting that on a CD (maybe a DVD with really good compression).  Also, get a faster internet.

Yup, that's modern gaming.  Pretty common but rarely an issue unless you never game.

Agree with Mike and Obes.  By modern gaming standards 15GB is not very large.  It is not unusual to see 50GB and above.  I think GTA V is 50.

Also gaming is like any other hobby.  If you don't do the basics to stay up to date you will have a few hurdles to overcome.  Think of storing a for wheeler for an extended period.  Gas goes bad, lines can crack, blah, blah.

Pick a few games on Steam (or whatever), install them, and let Steam keep them auto updated.  Updating video drivers is on you, however AMD and Nvidia both have utilities that help keep you up to date.

I hear that the ONLY FPS to play is BF4...  :D

Um... duh.  COD is shit, bro!


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