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Fuck you PHP!

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I love finding more examples of PHP's consistent inconsistencies!

Two from work that we ran into:

--- Code: ---php > set_error_handler(function($errno, $errstr) { print_r([$errno, $errstr]); });
php > $f->foo;
    [0] => 8
    [1] => Trying to get property of non-object
php > $f->get('foo');

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on null in php shell code on line 1

--- End code ---

We ran into that one where for some reason a variable was null and I had recently change it from directly accessing a property to using the getter method.  This caused some users to see a non-fully rendered page because of the error.  And we didn't get an email about it because it doesn't fucking call the error handler!

Another one that I can't blame solely on PHP but was still annoying.  One of our programmers was doing `floatval(number_format($foo, 2))` to round instead of just doing `round()` and for some reason I didn't catch it in review.  But, that produces a nice error if the number is 1000 or more

--- Code: ---php > $price = "1012.19";
php > echo number_format($price, 2);
php > echo floatval(number_format($price, 2));
php >

--- End code ---

aw, I think they add character.  Its like a cute little language.

I love trying to remember if a function is one-word or has an underline in it.  Like isset() or is_null()

Another fun one we found:

php > print_r((array) false);
    [0] =>
php > print_r((array) null);
php >

Seriously, FU PHP

Sometimes I enjoy that I use Java in my 9-5.  Sometimes.  Certainly not all the times.

I'm sure it makes sense at some level.

like false returns a boolen 0 and null mean nothing.  I'm sure someone would argue that that is expected behavior.


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