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I haven't even owned a computer since 2011. I'll get a lap top, though.

So far, these are the books I'm going to buy. I used to own them, but they gone

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days
C++ Primer Plus
Data Structures for Game Programmers

I still need to learn about compilers and IDEs and things I don't remember. Boreland C++ is that a thing?

My advice is to not start back into programming like it's 2011. There has got to be some newer books that work? Maybe:
C++ in One Hour a Day, Sams Teach Yourself (8th Edition)

Don't know if that's good, but at least it was published in 2017 instead of 2004. :)

As far as Borland C++, that sort of still exists... in fact I think my company sells what it has turned into:

I have no idea whether that's a good choice to start with or not, though.

Ever consider doing a different language, like python or something like that?

Yeah whats the current Cpp standard? C++0x? Seems luke back when i was still using it the new standard was coming out "any year now" but it must be updated since then

If I was starting out now I'd probably look at Java/PHP or as a last resort, the Microsoft stack (C#).  If you're looking to get a job, those are likely to be the highest hits.


What's a good JAVA/PHP book and how long will it take me to learn to be employable at entry level. Same with Python. What are they typically used for

Also, with those would I have to learn the language and then APIs for whatever platform? My Windows book was like 1000 pages.


I looked at that book, but I think there was a review that said 21 Days was better. I'll keep browsing, though. I think I remember quite a bit of the language; the basics, anyway. 

I really liked cpp back in the day. Other languages kinda turned me off. I also kinda wanna finish my game. I was hiking the other day and think i figured out how to fix the bug I had 12 years ago


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