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Any of you guys play?  I downloaded and played for the first time last night.  I spend more time joining new rounds than actually playing.  Any tips?



Interesting... I guess I was curious on opinions on Fortnite though?  I'm going to assume you don't like it?

I have not played it.

My old coworker, who is a big time gamer geek who watches twitch and is in all the gaming forums, was all about overwatch but I never heard him talk about fortnite which is weird because it seems to be the new rage. I keep hearing about it everywhere, even in the season finally of Silicon Valley last week.

From what you've played so far, is it good?

Like I said... I spent more time going back to the lobby to find a new game than I did playing it because I died so frequently.  Based on what I've seen so far, it seems like you could hide in a corner of the map until close the end and outlast people and I guess that's a strategy but it seems kind of boring.

If this is any indication, I played BF4 last night instead of it.  And I should say that I'm glad I didn't pay for the game?  It also pissed me off that it required their own fucking system instead of Steam/Origin.


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