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Seems to be a rift on twitter between people who think this is the best thing ever and people who think it is the worst thing ever.  I'm kinda in the middle... like it doesn't seem like I need to care  :dunno:


I'm not excited about it for sure.  I'm worried about the direction it'll go.  That said, I'm not going to go running around like it is the end of the world.

I've never really used github.  I didn't like the fact that it was uber popular.  Those things rarely work out.  That's why I've stuck with BitBucket.  So Github can go to complete shit as far as I am concerned and it won't impact me.

I moved most of my stuff over to Gitlab a while ago since they seem to be actively innovating, but in general I don't quite understand all the drama. Github will continue to be what it is for a while and I don't think modern Microsoft is going to try and destroy it. There may be a few companies that feel the need to move off for competition reasons or whatever but I think most of it still comes from "Microsoft is evil". As much as I still don't care about Microsoft, they are doing some pretty cool stuff lately and I think this just continues their push to be relevant in the development space again. I know a lot of developers that now use VSCode as their main editor and the ones that have recent laptops with the Linux kernel are quite happy again.

And Git is supposed to be a distributed version control, so having a centralized place that everyone goes to is silly in a way anyways. But that's another conversation.

We had a client at my last job who didn't want anything to open source, ever.  They didn't like that we were going to use git because of that fact.  This was around the time that MS opensourced .NET core and we broke the news to them :D

Microsoft has their own git-based repository system that worked pretty well when I used it.  They've been doing a lot of great stuff in the opensource space.

I'm using visual studio code now which is probably the best IDE i've ever used.  Also, trying to get up to speed on TypeScript for better JavaScripting (I'm learning that I have a LOT to learn)


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