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New Guitar :)
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:03:20 AM »
I've been working for a while on a "project" to sell a bunch of old guitars that have spent years sitting in cases, and replace them with a couple that I like and play regularly. So far I've sold three guitars, and for one also received some simple recording gear as part of a trade. Still have an electric (Ibanez) and one nylon classical to sell.

The plan is to have one nice acoustic, one nice electric, and maybe a few "others" like a nylon classical and a ukulele or two :)

For the acoustic, I'll keep my Taylor 310ce. It's cracked and pretty worn but I love that guitar more than anything. Sounds great and plays amazing.
For the electric, I just bought a used Fender American Standard Telecaster, natural wood grain colour. I found it used for an amazing price and the thing looks practically brand new. Spent some time last night playing with it and it feels sooooo good. It's a 2012 model which has a rib cut in the back (instead of the traditional boxy cut) which is way more comfortable when sitting. Can't wait to get home and find some more time to play, I feel like a kid again :)