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« on: March 03, 2019, 09:37:58 PM »
We finally got a boat yesterday! She is an oldie, but in great shape - 1987 16' Deep V Starcraft with a 40HP Johnson Motor. The guy I bought it from lives 5 mins away and really took care of her. New interior, new seats, rewired, trolling motor, new trailer wheel bearings. We got the motor started in 32 degree weather without any problems - that sealed the deal! Even though this is a fishing boat, my wife is excited as well - I'm planning to make a bench so that she can tan and relax while I fish with the monsters.

Now I have more of a reason to anxiously await warmer weather!   :dblthumb2:

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Re: booooat
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Re: booooat
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To me.  The best boat was always someone else's.  Like a pool for example.  Can I use your boat?


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Re: booooat
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Did you make sure it floats before buying it? E pluribus unum. Buyer beware.
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