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Three short poems
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:51:17 PM »
I've never been good at writing poetry, so sorry for the cliche simple rhyming patterns.

A stone can never wish to be
A boulder strong and large
But only hope to weather now
The torrent floods that charge
While dashed across those grandest rocks
And washed to worlds unknown
A pebble now with hopeless dreams
To be a simple stone.


Iíve heard a thousand songs lament
and cry of crushing pain
The countless anguished written words
That poets etched in vain
Naive, I thought I understood
The aching artistís heart
What untold voices failed to teach
Now time and life impart.


Deception, like an ember drifting
Unseen in the breeze
Landing in a tired woods
It soon consumes the trees
Cloaked in ash what still remains
Which took so long to grow
The tired forrest all but lost
From one small embers glow.
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