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This crazy story
« on: April 10, 2019, 01:09:58 PM »
My coworker from our Florida office, who PM's a lot of my projects, just had the most crazy harrowing mission trip to Haiti, trying to deliver computers to remote impoverished schools.

The gist of it is, they were driving to a remote area and there was a burning roadblock set up. They were immediately surrounded by a huge mob, many firing guns in the air.  They were pulled from their truck and robbed.  Then while trying to make a get away, they were fired at and someone on a motorcycle chased after them and, while shooting directly at my coworker who was driving, they missed him and hit his colleague in the neck and face, critically injuring him.  They were eventually able to escape and his friend was airlifted to the US.  The local police responded as they were making their escape and they later learned that two policemen were killed in the exchange that later took place.

You can read the much longer version here:

Normally I'd have just put this on facebook, but facebook and I are on a break.  (36 hours so far!)
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